Face and Body Treatment

After a previous evaluation of the skin type and its specific needs, this treatment consists of a gentle exfoliation and cleaning, if necessary of ionized steam and extraction, followed by the application of active concentrates and nourishing cream with which a soothing facial massage and decongestant. Finally apply a specific mask, followed by moisturizing and protective cream. The result is a clean, radiant and protected skin.


Our face and neck are constantly exposed, undergoing the action of the elements that accelerate the aging process and damage the skin. Thinking of this constant need, we offer some treatments that will allow to maintain a face and neck carefully, balanced and healthy. With treated skin, your face will glow and either the marks of time or the aggressions of the sun will be left behind. Your face and neck will rejuvenate, with the outline of the firm face, the fine grain of skin, and a luminous and homogenous complexion, which will cause you a feeling of well being. Facial treatments aim to restore hydration, stain treatment, aging (wrinkles of expression and sagging), caused by physiological factors (stress, menopause and climacteric) and external factors (wind, cold, pollution, solar and artificial radiation).



Body treatments consist of aesthetic procedures to eliminate or reduce cellulite, treatment and prevention of stretch marks, toning of the skin and decrease of skin flaccidity.

Any weight loss treatment should begin with a drainage and body detoxification step, which includes an exfoliation, to free the body of the accumulated toxins and prepare it for the remodeling, reducing or anti-cellulite treatments, or firming according to the needs of the body.

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