Who Am I

After finishing the course in the School of Alcoitão in 1986, was invited to be the first physiotherapist in Sport Lisboa e Benfica, who accepted invitation immediately.

For 15 years, Miguel Arez shared unforgettable moments in this great national and international club, and developed a work so far unique in the area.

Still at Benfica comes a more honorable invitation: working with the Sports Group of the Assembly of Republic, working together with Prof. Domingo Gomez.

In September 2001, Miguel Arez decides to change his life and moved to Portimão, having been invited to work at the Hospital Private of Algarve.

But Miguel Arez felt the need to own a team: and so is born Fisio Miguel Arez, on February 2002

Since the beginning, that the clinic is governed by the highest ethical and professional values, which quickly made it be known throughout the Algarve, having patients from all areas of this region..