Shock waves

Shock waves consist of an impact therapy, through an electrohydraulic system. This therapy is indicated for calcifications (for example: calcaneal spurs, calcification of the Supraspinatus tendon) pseudoarthroses (fractures that have not consolidated after a period of 6 months), bursitis, chronic tendinitis (for example epicondylitis, plantar fascines).

This type of therapy acts in 3 ways: mechanical, analgesic and vascular action. The mechanical action causes micro bubbles that hatch splintering the calcification, the analgesic action happens due to the intense local stimulus that causes release of local enzymes that act in the physiology of the pain, as for the vascular action, with this therapy are formed micro vessels that improve the irrigation And local oxygenation and consequent reabsorption of calcium deposits or tissue healing.

Shockwaves are a therapy recognized by the European Medical community and approved by the FDA (United States) is being released by the International Musculoskeletal Society for Shockwave Therapy (ISMST).