General and Family Medicine

Family Doctors are medical specialists trained in the principles of their Discipline. They are personal physicians, primarily responsible for providing comprehensive and continued care to all individuals seeking them, regardless of age, sex or condition. They take care of individuals in the context of their families, communities and cultures, always respecting the autonomy of their patients.

Family doctors recognize that they have a professional responsibility to their community.. When negotiating action plans with their patients, they integrate physical, psychological, social, cultural and existential factors, using the knowledge and confidence generated by repeated contacts. They exercise their professional role by promoting health, preventing illness and providing curative, follow-up or palliative care, either directly or through the services of others, depending on the health needs and resources available within the community served, patients, where necessary, in access to those services.

Family Doctorsshould be responsible for developing and maintaining their skills, balance and personal values as a basis for the safe and effective delivery of health care to patients.