Fisio Miguel Arez


Founded in February 2002, by the Physiotherapist Miguel Arez, former Physiotherapist of SL Benfica, the Fisio Miguel Arez, has a great connection to musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

The Fisio Miguel Arez has at its side a network of renowned doctors specialized in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, and are called upon to intervene whenever necessary, giving the patient all the support he needs.


In this innovative integrated concept of health and well-being, the Fisio Miguel Arez aims to create a rational and balanced complementarity between its various areas, with the maximum objective of ensuring a single, complete and fully targeted follow-up to the specific needs of each user.

Our work is governed by the "Standards of Practice" and "Ethical Principles" of the Portuguese Association of Physiotherapists (APF, 2005).




To know deeply all the needs, desires and limitations of each user and to help him to reach his objectives.


Respect the ethical dimensions in the relationship with the users, maintaining a conduct of honesty and transparency.


Putting users at the center of everything we do, for their health and well-being.


Print a character of excellence in all actions, reconciling our activity with a constant search to overcome our goals.